Facer pricing model

I have not yet even installed Facer. I need to know if I can buy a license for the PC based PRO designer.

I will ONLY be designing my own faces or getting them from a site like FaceRepo. I do NOT need (nor want) access to a zillion faces that cost me a per month subscription.

SO, if I can pay a one time charge (even 15-25 dollars) to use the PC based PRO designer, I will become a Facer user/supporter. Otherwise I will look for an alternative product (E.G. Watchmaker).


Okay, not sure what you expect. Facerepo is not an actual content provider or producer; it merely stands as a repository for links to the actual products and producers. As far as I can ascertain, Facerepo hosts no actual content.

The Facer Creator Pro is a subscription only app.

This information may help as well.