Accelerometer + Opacity

I am trying to show one of the balls on the X or Y axis. But don,t seem to be able to make them respectively Opaque with the Accelerometer TAG . Wondering if there was some Advice out there. Thanks in Anticipation.

Maybe this will help.

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Hi Andrei . Thanks for your reply. I find when useing accelerometerRaw for position the ball returns to the center too fast for what I want to do .
I am trying to switch the Opacity with.

$320-(160+clamp(20*(accelerometerX()),-110, 110))>158&&320-(160+clamp(20*(accelerometerX()),-110, 110))<162?0:100$

I Have no Idea at all and could not find a way of Applying your Tutorial to my Problem.

I’d ask in chat, I’m not too versed in accelerometer. I’ll try to write there tomorrow

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Yeah. I thought I would try this side as I have already asked so much of those guys. But so pleased to see that it is the same people giving back here. So difficult with Accel as there is no way of simulating it. Thanks so much for your input.

The only thing is, please make a test hour face so it’s clear what you want with this ball

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