And the winners are

The contest is over and the winners are now officially announced! See the list at

Congrats to all the winners!


Congratulations all! :clap::+1:

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Congratulations to the winners - all well deserved!

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Congratulations to Facer and Montblanc for the great initiative of this contest.
Congratulations to all the judges, participants and winners.
I thank God, and my family who supported me, because I also participated and won!!:raised_hands:
Follow me to meet my other models.


congrats @ everyone!

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congrats to all the winners !!

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My best compliments to all! As a Summer 2 owner hope to see them all in facer app :slightly_smiling_face:


@carmine2207 I’m sorry to have to give you bad news, but the winning designs will not be published on facer.

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WoW…really bad news :disappointed_relieved: And in which way we could have them? Though Montblanc?

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Congratulations to every winner and my respect to everybody that participated at this great contest.

And a big thanks go to the whole facer team that made this contest come true.

I feel very honored for being chosen in the category “Elegance”!

Greetings, GAUSS.


Congratulations to all the winners, it was a great experience…

Bravo… :clap:t4::clap:t4:

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What happens to my submissions if I do NOT win the contest?

If Montblanc does NOT select your submission as one of the 12 winners of the contest, your submission will be transferred to your Facer account at where you will be able to publish it to Facer if you choose to do so.

What happens to my submissions if I DO win the contest?

If Montblanc DOES select your submission as a winning design, it will be transferred to Montblanc and may be published on Montblanc smartwatches in the future. You will receive more information when your design is selected.

Winning faces will NOT be publishable in Facer.

congrats to all participants, and especially those who were selected!


Thanks to Facer Team and Montblanc for a great adventure! Congratulations to all the winners!:clap:

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When the watch faces on the montblanc.facer will be transfered to the Facer account so we can publish?


i was going to ask the same question…
Congratulations to all the winners

I suppose we have to wait @Facer_Official transfers the designs in our facer account.
My question would be about the features … for the contest, all participants got the Premium features available (VAR_, toggle, banner, etc.).

Could we (normal users) still have this possibility after the transfer ???

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Truth!! I’m not Premium, and I made faces using the Premium features.

Thank you. As a Summit 2 owner how and when can the winning designs be accessed ? Will Montblac release the as a firmware update or other mechanism ?

Kudos to all winners! Thrilled to see the email today that I also won in that contest.
“Priority ring MB by PABANDO” I wish, I continue the same whenever i get free time.
Respect for the jury as well.