Animation On Background

I’ve read in another topic that Creator won’t take an animated .gif. Would be great if it would, but is animation a mathematical process here? I have a Halloween face that I’d love to animate the eyes ( back and forth) on. Is there a tutorial?


That’s a great tutorial. I’m impressed! Thank you so much. I’ll need to wait until I have some spare time to learn it, or until Creator will take a quick .gif from my Animation Shop.
You guys are amazing for all that you do.

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I gave animation an attempt. I’m not sure whether the jerkiness is my browser, my computer, or whether my number (and sequence) of frames is off. I did experience some sluggishness between text edits - not sure why. I ended up deleting text that was in Dim Mode to see if it helped the whole thing load faster.
Suggestions are welcome.

Are the eyes the only thing moving? Is it supposed to be slower?

If there are only two positions I would use the following for the frames:
Frame 0: $(#Dsm#-#Ds#)>(0*0.5)&&(#Dsm#-#Ds#)<=((0+1)0.5)?100:0$
Frame 1: $(#Dsm#-#Ds#)>(1

This way they move back and forth once each second. Equal time at 1/2 second, kind of like a pendulum movement. If you want to make them take longer you could use the 2-second animation with the squarewave function.

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Yes, just the eyes move. Yes, slower would be better.
Thank you for the help. I’ll fix that later today. With only two positions, I need only two frames - except for an extra Frame 0 as mentioned in the tutorial?

Correct, I use a static frame (as a background image). This makes the design look clean on the completed view page. Otherwise it sometimes rendered all animated frames as transparent in the final view (when time is 12:00:00).

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Super! Thanks for replying. I’m going to practice a bit, but I think I have it. Maybe in a month or so I can work my way up to my snowman juggling snowballs. :wink: