Anyone manage to show tides?

has anyone managed to display tides ? or create a formula to calculate it ?

What do you mean by tides?

If you mean a movement going back and forth, then read the page “The Kitchen Sink” in the Facer Creator Documentation.

no, was looking at sea tides, high and low for one or several defined locations
seems a formula is possible but needs a lot of data

I still don’t understand what you want.

If you want to create an image that moves back and forth (that happens to be an image of a wave) you will need to use trigonometric functions, like sin().

If you want to morph a shape - that is not native posible - but you could create many smaller shapes that would move together.

If you want to create movement based on current tide/outflows in your area, then try looking into moon phases (since it’s the moon that creates tides): [SOLVED] How To Tag Moon Phase Today Rotation

looking at reproducing this kind of tide graphs

i think G7 did it here

Tides are obviously computable but are restricted to whatever tags are available in the Creator. With that said, you’ll have to stick to calculations that are wrapped around the moon phase display given days of the year and the month, etc. The is no moon RISE tag. G7 does have some calculations in that watch you indicated. Check the rotation formula on his hmp.png component in the watch:


But you’ll have to tear it apart and figure out what he’s doing (in tune with the formula he is using for moonphase). As opposed to trying to calculate the Lunitidal Interval with only the Facer available tags. With global warming, tides tables have become an important part of life for those of us who live near the beach (and were also Hurricane Sandy victims here in Fire Island, NY).


many thanks John
will dig into it and try to make something out of it

Hi, sorry to reopen an old thread… I’m also looking into tides for my own watch face. Where I live (QLD Australia) we have nice reliable semi diurnal tides (a high tide every 12h25m). I have created a formula based on this principle, but it relies on me having to calibrate the formula using the time and date of a known previous high tide. As such it’s a great feature for me as my tide chart is set for my local beach, but its not a solution for putting into the marketplace as it would be wrong for everyone else, and wouldn’t work for areas that have unique tidal periods.

The formula below provides a proportion of tidal period:

63692448720 is the date and time of a previous high tide converted to seconds. 44700 is 12h25m represented in seconds.

It would be great to figure out a way of automatically calibrating the formula based on location or user input. Or i guess another workaround could be to adapt the formula so that you have to sync the watch face at high tide of your local beach then the timer just cycles through a period of 12h25m thereafter.