Battery indicator

I have tried and tried to figure out how to put a physical battery indicator on my watches (not the number). I cannot figure out what I am missing. I have looked at other watch designs but to no avail. what code do I use; where do I put it?


Are you looking for like a bar that displays the charge of the battery?

If you’re looking to make a battery indicator your first step is read this tutorial. This will give you a basic understanding on what you need to do for different types of indicators and how to adjust them to meet your needs. After you read it if you have more questions please ask and we’ll help you out.

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…this link could helps you :wink:


Haha @Tomas that’s the same link I posted. It truely is the best starting point I think.

…I do not see the link… but I’m happy that you (would) recommend my tutorial :wink:

I’ve used your tutorial and it has helped me out a lot.


Oh wow you’re right, it didn’t paste! Haha well thanks for the assist. I was confused as to why you posted the same link but good thing you were paying attention because clearly I was not. I always send new people looking to understand battery to that tutorial. It gives you almost everything you need to know about battery indicators.

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Well guys, I’m feeling about as bright as a rock. LOL I’m just not able to understand this tutorial. I realy need something in the form of a YouTube video to show me step-by-step. I really appreciate the effort though guys.

Hi @sfrayner, I’m not sure there is already such a video, but you couls try to start with official Facer explanation or to check my basic tutorial for shadows.