Battery Level Not Refreshing on Watch Face

@danny3x thanks for letting us know - we should have a fix for this ready early next week.

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Same problem with most recent update. Not a dim mode issue. Battery status works for a while then remains stagnant and fails to reflect actual lower battery level.

Since last update Facer watch faces are failing to sync the steps and battery level. Please fix it!

Phone battery indicator will not update on all facer watch faces. Watch battery indicator seems fine, but phone battery indicator does not change. Using other non-facer faces it works as it should. ASUS Zenwatch 3 on Android Wear 2.0. Tried uninstall and reinstall on both watch and phone with no change to issue. Also checked battery optimization on phone and turning it off for facer also has no effect.

I am having the same issue with the Phone Battery indicator not updating properly. It seems to randomly update, but there is no set time that it does. It could go hours or minutes before it properly updates showing the new phone battery level. I tried switching out watch faces with other Facer faces as I had seen a lot of other forum posts (on other sites) saying other aspects update after a face switch. This didn’t seem to matter and did not update the battery life reliably. I don’t know if it matters, but I am using all personally made watch faces, but nothing overly fancy.

This same issue also applies to the weather icon, current and high/low temps. I do not know where it pulls weather data, but I am using WCT, WCL, WCH.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
Facer Version 4.6.1_96072-(96072)

Hi @mhart13851,

Thanks for your report! Does your Gear S3 have always-on display disabled? We’ve heard from other users that this may affect the reliability of the communication between the phone and the watch (and we’re working on fixing that)

Yes, the AOD is disabled as that was killing my battery life, even on factory faces. It’s really not that difficult to just press a button or turn the wheel to see the time.

I’m not sure where the weather data is pulled from, but the native weather app uses The Weather Channel, and syncs with the Weather App Widget on my S8. Is it possible for your app to access the same?

Phone battery indicator does not update on facer watch faces.
When both phone and watch showed 100%, and five mins later, my phone battery drop to 97 %, but my watch still show 100%. Maybe ten minutes later they will show the same percentage(like 95%).
It makes me hard to rely on ur app, although it is quite good in many ways.
My device : ASUS Zenwatch 3 on Android Wear 2.0.

Hope u talented guys can fix the problem.

Hi! The phone battery is indeed refreshed on the watch every 10 minutes. Do you feel that this is not frequent enough? Thanks!

My battery level isn’t working either. I have a samsung sport, and I created my own watchface using #BLP#, and all it does is —% on the actual watch. I tried everything that I was posted here, didn’t work.

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The battery levels for both my phone and watch are now only showing " – " instead of any numbers. Does not refresh after a face swap to another Facer or stock face and back to Facer.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Gear 3 Frontier

Samsung Ver.: G950UOYN4CRE9/G950USQU4CRE9
Gear Ver.:
Gear S Plugin Ver.:

Facer Ver. : 4.6.3_96677-(96677)

Hi @mhart13851! Sorry about that!
Can you share a picture of your watch with the watch and phone battery info missing along with the name of the watch face you use?
Also, is your watch set up with always-on display enabled or disabled?


No, this is not frequent enough.

For consumers, we want this (phone) battery display is reliable. We NEED get the data in real time. It doesn’t make sense if the display is not accurate. The default app(zenwatch manager) can make it, so I believe u talented engineers also can make it.

Please consider this issue and help us to fix it.


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We’ll run some tests and see if we can increase the update frequency without hurting battery life. Keep an eye out for the updates notes in our next releases!

Thank you for paying attention to this issue.

Hopefully, the update will happen as soon as you can.I think it’s doable, because Zenmanager has done it.

I’m looking forward to your application achieving the same goal.

Best wishes

I have the Gear Sport with the same issue. Has yours started to work? If so, how did you get it to work?

About two months ago, my watch Huawei Watch 2 stopped updating information about the battery charge of the smartphone. The only way to update it is to reload the dial. I expected the next Facer update to restore the synchronization of this information, however, it has not happened yet.