Can't delete watchfaces on new UI

With the latest update, i can’t delete any watchfaces on my watch (Fossil Q Founder 2.0)
One other annoying bug is whenever i add a watchface to my “watchbox”, one or two other random watchfaces are added too and can’t be removed.

@JBolho thanks for the report. We’re aware of these two issues and hope we can resolve them by next week. Thanks for your patience!

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Same issue on same model, waiting for news :frowning:

FYI, the the build currently in development fixes the lack of delete option in the watch picker. We’re also working on fixing the random faces popping up in the watchbox. Hoping this will be available in beta imminently. Thanks for your patience!

I tested beta 3.1.2 and the two problems (face deletion and blink) were solved on my Fossil Q Marshal

All - Facer 3.1.2 was just released in Google Play to everyone and should address these issues! Thanks! Facer 3.1.2 released in Google Play!