Cant use my premium when i design

I purchased premium but I cannot use it. It shows that im active but i cant use anything when i design a face.
Please helps ?

hi Nikkla,

I think you’ may of confused premium which allows you to download Premium watchfaces and Creator Pro which adds the tools to allow you to create Premium faces. Both separate subscriptions.

I hope that helps :wink:
Kindest Regards

(ps- you have a great catalogue)

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Hello nikkla,
It appears that you already have some watch faces for sale with complications, so perhaps you have a Pro account? If you can give details on the features that do not work for you, perhaps someone here can help.

Hi yes i did i have renewed it now haha ty

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ty Linlay I have to go through them and see whats going on and what ive done, Im also trying to get things like falling hearts ect and trying to figure out basic orbit


There is a lot of help around here. Have you seen the list of resources?
There are some good suggestions in these discussions for graphics applications:

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