Changing images depending on time

Hello! I’m a newbie in the Facer Creator so this might sound like a stupid question.
I have an image in the middle my watchface and I want it to change at sunset/sunrise, or if not possible, a set time of the day.

Is this possible? And if yes, how?
Thanks in advance!

Hello @Raffy9802,

I thing you could find all you need in this tutorial Sunset & Sunrise | How to Manage Night and Day

Have a great time creating own watch faces :wink:

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I’ll give it a look. Thanks a ton. :slight_smile:

@Tomas Sorry to bother you again, I’ve been able to do what I intended to thanks to your guide and to the documentation. I can successfully sync my watchface with my watch, but it makes the Android Wear UI lag when the watchface is on the background… maybe you know what causes this issue? There’s only some text and an image, nothing fancy

The images have 0% or 100% depending on sunrise and sunset and I even compressed them in an attempt to fix this, without success though. :frowning:

Hi @Raffy9802 ! Great that you are on progress :wink: I am not sure what you mean with the “background”, but if it’s the so called DIM Mode (Battery saver mode) - there are separated settings in Facer Creator for if:

Hello! @Tomas yep saw that, thanks for the heads up! For background I mean when the watchface is active, the watch itself lags a lot and the UI feels choppy. For example, scrolling through notifications becomes a pain because the Android Wear UI becomes pretty laggy.

Could it be that my watch’s hardware is a bit weak? I’m using a 1st gen Motorola Moto 360 for reference.

Hello @Raffy9802, so if you do mean this… I even did not know that there could be something more :slight_smile: Actually I do not use if a lot…

However, if this is the case, if could be maybe interesting for developers from @Facer_Official

Yeah that’s what I’m referring to! I will contact the developers maybe in a separated thread if I encounter this issue again.
Thank you for your time! @Tomas

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