Code Explanations?

so i havent done any research on this or looked for threads that say it

but i was wondering if anyone can explain how the codes work… like an explanation on codes and how they work and why they are typed the way the are as well as where to put them in because i havent figured that part out.

for example… to change the battery from the regular percentage to a battery bar or circle and how to implement a image or a bar that goes down as the percentage goes down…

forgive me for i am but a simpleton and new to this whole thing but i would like to get more information and knowledge on how to do this type of stuff so i can create some tasteful pieces of art lol

Hello @PharaohG,

I did prepared some basic coding for battery as you describe it. Please try to check this link.

General coding explanation could looks like this.

Have a lot of fun creating new watch faces :wink:


That is exactly what i was wanting to see lol seeing the code without the explanation is like trying to read hieroglyphics.
and i saw the battery information but what is it that changes from being a bar to being a circle and etc

appreciate your help @Tomas

Good Help, Tomas.

Well done @Tomas. Way to spread the joy. :wink:

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Battery bar is easy. very easy if you use 0-100 as an absolute value. You input the battery Integer tag into the H or W value field.H and W are essentially Pixel sizes. so full value of 100 is 100 pixels. You can manipulate this with mathematics.

BatIntegerTag*1.05 will make your bar 5% longer in your chosen direction. First one I did that with (A Trusty Steed) was just that for both phone and watch batts. I put a background bar that was a slight bit wider and taller so that it gives the user an idea of what the bar represents. If you only have the battery bar without a background they will have a hard time understanding what the display means for actual value. To pull off a half circle the multiplier is 1.8 so…

what value is this… (_____ is for alignment)

Power Bar_____ ------


50% But you have no reference to determine that.


What value is This?

Power Bar____ ------------
Background Bar======================

around 28%

Always need a reference when you go with something not obvious. Years of building houses and a few other careers taught me this.