Color change of the hands and numbers

I have bought a watchface from Inmotion that has “Color Match”. You can change the color of the hands and the numbers by making a picture or a color in the watchface page. But when i change color and press "apply"noting happens.
Annyone over here has a watchface with this option?
I have a Gear S3 Classic and a Galaxy S5+.

It’s a premium feature. As a premium member, I can create those kinds of faces.
What do you need help with?

What do you mean with the premium feature? Ik buy a watchface with an option to change the color of the hands and numbers and when i try it it is not working. I change it in the app on the phone with the option button and press apply. This is how it should work i think and as told in the app.

Well… That is true.
After you synced a face and then you selected to match a color with a photo, right after taking it, it should change, both on your phone’s screen and on your watch immediately (at least that’s how my themeable faces works).

Do you watch’s face change its color when you select from predetermined ones?

I have only bought on face. When i try it on the app with a picture i take then the color on the app changes but when i press apply, nothing on the watch happend. When i choose a color from the app itself mothing happens either.

I have downloaded an other one and with that one i can not change the collr in the app to. But i have to change color on the phone itself. It only takes about 8 seconds till the other color is comming up.

Thanks for answering.

I have the same issue. Unable to change color theme on my watch (Gear S3). Purchased several watch faces, it does not work on any of them. The color theme changes on the phone, but when I sync, the watch receives the default color theme.
I am also unable to change the temperature form Fahrenheit to Celsius (I did set it to C in settings)…

*Note: I am using the latest Facer companion version for my watch and the latest Android app

*Note: the currently newest version is 3.1.6…

I am not a developer nor a beta tester. So, the latest for me available in the app store is 3.1.4

I use an S3 Frontier and most work fine, can you send a link to the ones you’re having trouble with and I’ll have a look and see if I can figure out issue. Quick question, I’m guessing you have latest watch firmware, latest revision of facer app and companion. Re the 3.1.4 we all access the same updates

I think I figured out what the problem was;
Facer companion om my Gear S3 Frontier installed itself with the default AOD Style as “Dimmed”. As soon as I switched to “Classic”, all the watch faces started working fine (color themes, temp settings and always on mode as well).

@Mike123, please try this solution and let me know did this solved your issue as well.
@hayden, thank you for your help offer!

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pleased you found the solution, it will no doubt help others in the future

Thanks for the replys. I have tested the watchface again, i was so bussy i almost forgot i bought it, and when i tried it it just works. Have no idea what i maybe have done. When i make a picture the color changes direct. When i change a color in the app it works to.