Coordinates (pointer location)

Is there a possibility of having a readout somewhere in the program (web page) that shows the current x,y location of the pointer? I’m new at this (obviously) so maybe I’m missing something but as far as placing objects or calculating locations I’m at a bit of a loss. Also, my math sucks! But that’s a whole other topic.

Thank you!

What do you mean by pointer location?
Do you mean geolocation or GPS readings?
If yes then there is already a request for it: GPS reading tags
(please don’t create repeated topics)

Sorry, I’m new here. Not trying to repeat or anything.

No, what I mean is, on the web page, while editing…x/y coords for where the mouse pointer is. Does that make sense? I’d just like to know what the coords are for a location I’m pointing at so I can reference them later or use them for placing objects etc.

Thanks for your time.

A! I get it.
Sorry about that.

Right now truly there is no such mechanism.
I could just create a shape - a circle with radius 1 and move it manually while checking its position.