Create a special element


i’m a big fan of HSV (Hamburger Sportverein) from German first soccer league (1. Fussballbundesliga)

In our Stadion are a clock which show the complete time from HSV in the German first soccer league
She runs and runs … :smile:

Its possible that implement an element on the wtach that shows this?

You see it here.


Many thanks .)

Of course, it is possible.
I will suggest you one way to do it:

Get that original date with time as one number (I suggest hour):
h-hour of that match, m- minute, s-secund, d-day (of the whole year, not of a month) and y is the year (full, like 2011).
One big thing here, all those times and dates have to be in UTC time and not your local time (if not, this will show bad time on other devices).

Now let’s do the same thing for current time:

Now subtrack one from the other and you will have number of hours from that match untile now.

You might need to change #DUH# into #DUk# (you need to check yuorself what works better).

i will try it in next days i hope i can contact you again when i have troube wit hthis.


Hi Mellin,

sorry but this will not run.

I have attached a link to a pdf document with a little bit more explaination what i mean.


Then we will have to go the long way.
Can you send me that original date and time of that match?


thanks for your answer

Startdate is 24. August 1963

the actual Values you can see under:













that work !!!

many thanks

but i have three points:

The hours are 1 hour to high
how i can create a spacer(blank) between the differnt values?
It’s possible you can create a second arrow for me with the word unabsteigbar in the middle similar the face what i post from BVB (yellow one). In this face the second arrow with the word echte liebe.

Many thanks for your great great support and help


Change hours and days codes: 10 -> 9

What do you want by “how to create spacer” - You just put 2 strings apart from each other.
I’m almost sure you meant “unbesiegbar” (as in invincible), not “unabsteigbar”, but can’t you just add yet another string with it. Same with “echte liebe”.


you mean to change the code to:

((#Dyyyy#-1963)-1):((129+#DD#)-1)+(floor((9+#DUH#)/24))):((9+#DUH#)-((floor((9+#DUH#)/24))*24)): #DUm# : #DUs#

What do you exact mean with (You just put 2 strings apart from each other) ?

I mean (unabsteigbar) this is the slogan after 53 years with any breaks in the highest legaue in Germany.

I don’t mean with the same arrow from the sample clock
I mean with the arrow from my design - see here :


You put codes into string type elements.
Instead of using one for all codes use multiple for each.
Then you can move them as you like.


okay i will try it.
what is with the second arrow you can help me?

Where you come from?


I don’t fully understand that arrow thing.
Do you mean you want to create additional hand?

I’m from Poland, that’s in Europe.

I will change the second hand (arrow) with a second from my design similar the Yellow but not echte liebe for my clock unabsteigbar.

I’m from Germany it’ in Europe :smile:

So what do you need help with?

Nice to meet a neighbor.

I will replace the second hand with a hand with in middle the word “unabsteigbar”

similar the yellow example.

I can’t better explain it.


“Second” (as the second one), or “seconds” (as the one that shows seconds)?