Creating A Watch Face That Changes Photos?

I’m not sure that I’m using the proper words for this but I would like to make a watch face that changes photos whenever the watch is seen. So basically whenever I move my wrist to look at my watch it’s a new photo. I think I’d only use maybe about ten to twenty pics at the most and I think I was told earlier that it gets a bit buggier the more pics are added but how do I go about making such a face and how many pics would be a good amount before I should stop adding?

Hi, Not sure whether you are looking for something like this:



I’m thinking it might be easier to do something like this, where the images change maybe every few minutes or every hour. Would that code work for something like this as well?

Yes, of course, The designer has the inspector mode enable, you can see how was done. To explain that code, he is using this ((sin(#DKZ#!=10))*1+1)100 in other words, he is using a Sine function to say (if it’s 10pm/am, show this by setting transparency 100).

Another simple way to do it is by using a code like this:
Trasnparency: $(#DHZ#%N)==n?100:0$ Where N is the number of images you have and n is the number of the images you are scripting. If you want to change your images every minute you must change the tag.


I keep coming back to this to try and make such a watchface. I think I understand the code but I’m not entirely sure how I add more than one picture on to it.


So this is the code.


I’m not sure what scripting means but I’ll use a rough number of 20 for the images. I’d rather 24 so that I have one every hour but I think I read it messes up above 20? Maybe I’ll just do a new image every three minutes so it changes twenty images per hour? That’d work. Now my question is how do I add these images in so that this script works? I put the script in and the first pic vanished. Where do I go from there?

I apologize if I’m getting annoying. I did look at other tutorials but those are for GIF files or an attempt to make GIF files. I’m not sure those would work as well in this context.

Ok, before that, remember, the more images you use, the slower your watchface could be. Try to optimize them well.

Then, you have 20 images:

This code means that if it's 20 o'clock you will show image number 1

If you want to show your image number 2 at 09:00 your code must be:

where %09 is the hour and ==2 is the number of this image 

If you want to show an image every hour, you will only need to change the tag.

If your image is not showing maybe you made a mistake, remember DHZ is a “leading 0” tag, so check it.

Another great Idea, if you have already published your face, put the inspector mode enabled in order to be able to check and help.

I hope it could helps.

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I think I got this but I want to make sure. I’m working on one right now. So I have $(#DHZ#%00)==1?100:0$ to show Pic #1 at Midnight. I put that in the Transparency setting right? Heres where I have issues. The pic may show for only one hour. Im not sure how to fix that to, say, two hours. The next problem I have is that Im not sure how and where to upload Pic #2. Do I upload it as an Element? Because when I did that the picture went on top of everything so I had to start from scratch and make a whole new watchface with Complications and everything else. If thats how its supposed to be thats okay because I know some pics cant have the Complications in certain spots and I may have to change the colors on them. I just want to make sure Im doing this properly. Not only that, say I put the pic as something like $(#DHZ#%02)==2?100:0$. This second pic goes who knows where and who knows what time. I may find it at something like 5pm or something which makes no sense.

I guess my questions are, where do I put the code? I put it in the Transparency field. Is that where it is supposed to be? Where and how do I upload new pics? I know the code calls for Pic#2 and so on but how are they uploaded? As Elements? Then I add the new code in their Transparency field as well? How do I differentiate pics by number? So the code knows which pic comes on at what time?

Yes, you have to stack all the images as elements (layers) Once you place each one in your design (use the little eye to make invisible the others while you are setting one image) you script the transparency for each one with the code,
Now, the image number is your choice, let say, 1 is the bottom and 20 is the upper one.
That code, if I don’t miss undertand it, divides de tag in equal portions of the module. For example #DHZ#%20 divides the 24 hours in 20 equal portions. If you want to put 20 images in one hour #DmZ#%20 divides the 60 minutes in 20 portions, 3 minutes per image…

when I’ll get home I will try to explain better

Do it easier:

$#DHZ#==00?100:0$ if it’s 00: show this image
$#DHZ#==01?100:0$ if it’s 01: show this image
$#DHZ#==02?100:0$ if it’s 02: show this image

and so on.

you will need to add as many images as you need and script code in every single image or shape

OP: You can also look how I did an Hourly Image by looking atthe inspector here: