Day night management

Hi I’m having problems with TOMAJA’s Sunset & Sunrise | How to manage night and day tutorial.
For me it works almost perfectly except the picture wont start to rotate from moon to sun at 1 hour before sunrise.
I’ve done a couple of things -

  1. Cut and pasted the formulæ and tags without understanding
  2. Done the same but studied the tags/formulae and written out long hand to try and understand
    The logic seems good to me now, but I must be missing something because it doesn’t rotate when it should!
    If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great!
    I’ve included the watchface (test) with inspection open.
    I must say that TOMAJA’s tutorials are great!

You needed to copy and paste the link properly sorry, here t is -

It’s a parentheses issue. In the calculated value you can see there are 2 more at the end, so either you have too many at the end, or not enough at the front:

Ok thanks- I’ll check it out and get back to you

Pesky parentheses’ss - there were two extra at the end! I downloaded Notepad++ as recommended by others in the forum and it was easy to identify which were not required. I tested the watchface and voila, rotation was there! Only problem was that it rotated one and a half times! I figured out that there was a +0.5 in the transparency formula that I didn’t know what it was doing - made it 0.0 and everything works! Thanks for everybodies help.
Hmmm…as I said in my first post I cut and pasted from tomaja’s tutorial. Perhaps I transmogrified it when transferring it to my watch - I need to go back and check, however this quite clearly shows the need to understand what you are writing instead of copying and pasting blindly!
Link to tutorial [TOMAJA Tutorial] Sunset & Sunrise | How to Manage Night and Day