Design watch faces to win a Montblanc Summit 2

From November 27th until December 27th, Montblanc and Facer are excited to invite smartwatch lovers to submit watch face designs for the Montblanc Summit 2 smartwatch on the Montblanc Creator , powered by Facer. The brand new brown Summit 2 will be featured on the creator, so don’t miss the opportunity to take an exclusive look at it!

A total of 12 winners will be selected and publicly announced by the end of January. The winning designs will be featured on the Summit 2 and their designers will be given a Summit 2, hand-signed by Montblanc’s creative director.

:rocket: Learn more about the contest at the official announcement.

:gem: View the first weekly theme here

Are we encouraged to promote entries in Facer community etc or better just to submit and wait for contest to end?

Hi @dursoland! you can definitely share your entries in the forum or other social networks to get feedback, etc. Just keep in mind your entry is view-only, and will not be syncable on a smartwatch by your friends.

Does that (“not be syncable on a smartwatch by your friends”) mean however that I could sync my already submitted entry to a smartwatch (ideally a Mont Blanc Summit II at the local Mont Blanc boutique)?

Yes - you can sync your own submitted faces to any smartwatch compatible with Facer (including the Summit 2). Note that you will need to be logged in with the Facer app on your phone, paired to the smartwatch you want to test on (which may be difficult at a store).

For more info, you can check out our FAQ and the sync section: Montblanc Contest 2019 - FAQ – How can we help?

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Why can’t i sync the face I created to my watch?