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When setting up my dim mode screen, is there a switch to activate it to tell the app to use it? I set up my active screen and it looks good. I set up a dim mde screen and like what I did there. However, when my watch dims there is no change. One face does nothing but show the same face but extremely faded. The other just goes black. I’ve tried it with my watch settings on both AOD Off and On.
Samsung Galaxy Watch, if that matters.
Thanks for you time and replies.

Hi @jgnewberry

My Dim mode works fine on the samsung galaxy watch.

Have you tried other faces.
Would you mind trying another face?

This one I am actually wearing on the samsung galaxy watch and I love the dim mode on it:

Hey @joedoughty Joe, thank you for the reply and share. I tried yours and I get the same result, the screen simply dims but does not switch to a dim mode screen.

Ok, 2 questions

Maybe they seem pretty obvious but let’s start there.

On your phone, go to the app “Galaxy Wearable” and check your screen timeout. (Mine is set to 15 seconds)

On your watch, drag down the drop menu from home and make sure the always on option is active, (its the one that looks like a clock)

Last see if that solves it, the problem has to be with your device, not with the face itself

@joedoughty … Thanks again for sticking with me, Joe. AOD is on. My time out was set to 5 minutes. I changed it to 10 seconds. It still behaves the same. Some faces just go dim while others go blank.

—AND I just now got it. I was posted here. In the Facer app on the watch is a setting that changes it. It was on “dimmed” by default. I had to change it to “Classic” to make it work. And now it does.

Thanks for your time!

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Well glad you solved it :slight_smile:
Enjoy your new faces :slight_smile:

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