Dual clock watch face

Hi Guys, has anyone created a dual digital clock watch face?

I have a galaxy watch that has a built in Dual clock watch face, it allows me to have one set at local time and the other any time zone I want.
The only problem with this it does not show the date or steps other than that it would be perfect.

Maybe this link helps?

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Here you have my own digital world time with 1/2hour offset

If you want analog, look at facer.io/u/cfw and you’ll find one too. Greetings!


Shit, that is DOPE!

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Hi there, I’m looking to replace my pebble but struggling to find a simple digital watchface that has all the timezone functionality I used to have. Lots of posts suggesting fixed offsets, which don’t account for daylight savings or when I move timezones. Is it really that hard to do in Facer when I have had it on my pebble for years?


Well, my digital World Time Digi2 has a lot of layers and a lot of maths🤷🏼‍♂️ I don’t know what do you need in a watchface, I thought I was covered all options of travel or business users…

Hi Carlos, thanks for your reply. I had a look at your watchface and it certainly looks comprehensive, but I can’t don’t know enough to tell if it does what I want just from looking at it - why does it have a daylight saving toggle for example - shouldn’t that be automatic?

To confirm what I’m trying to achieve:
Main time display - current time and date wherever I am at that moment (NZ, Ireland, France, USA etc.) with automatic daylight savings correction
Second time display - current 24 h time in NZ (including automatic daylight saving correction)
Third time display - current 24 h time in Ireland (including automatic daylight saving correction)

Simon R

I see… You know Facer can’t push info from the web via api so we can’t get the global time from any service… So you have to calculate it. Daylight saving time is not automatic in every country in the world, for example Argentina and Brazil some years use it and some years doesn’t, so I prefer to do it by user tapping.

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Ah, that’s a shame. I don’t really understand how you can get the weather but not the time, but if it can’t be done it can’t be done.

Thanks for replying.

Simon R

Facer as company gets the weather from openweather.org and we designers can show it in our faces through tags. But it’s the only data from the web, everything else is from the watch sensors or our own maths…

I have been searching for how to make a second time zone for Newfoundland on my watch, but am just about to give up because of the 30minute difference (not just whole hours). Your watch seems to have overcome this? The best I could do (which is still wrong) is this:
Hours: $(#DHZ#-13)<1?(#DHZ#+10):(#DHZ#-13)$:
Minutes: $(#DmZ#-30)<0?(#DmZ#+30):(#DmZ#-30)$
But this doesn’t display the correct time because when the 30 minute offset is changed, it fails to bring the hour down by 1.
Any chance you can see a quick fix or what I am doing wrong please?

I think you should make your own topic o/ but… shouldn’t the new time be +15 (or -, not sure) (6 degrees per tick * 2.5 ticks [5 ticks would be a full hour])? also do the minutes change as well? :confused:

I am using digital not analogue.