Dual Time with a twist (can it be done?)

I have searched and searched and tried so many different ideas that people have written - nothing so far works. It sounds like a simple problem though…
I line in Australia. I have a friend who lives in Newfoundland and I want to make a simple watch face that shows both my local time (digital) and the time in Newfoundland. Sounds simple, and there’s heaps of help - EXCEPT… Newfoundland is -13.5Hrs from UTC. I can get everything to work that are whole number hours (-13 or -12) but can’t for the life of me get a display that will work without error when the timezone offset is 13 and a half hours. When the minutes are less than 30, it displays negative numbers instead of taking the hour back and showing the correct minutes. Example: My time is say 10:25am, Newfoundland time would be 8:55pm, but it displays 9:-5.
If anyone has figured this out I would be so gratefull for guidance please guys.

Can you post your codes that are resulting in that example’s output please?

I think the following will work.

In the expressions, replace UTC_OFFSET with your desired time zone.



Note that the constants being added ( 720 and 12 ) are used to make sure the expressions are +ve even when the time zone is the most negative ( ie. when UTC_OFFSET = -12 ).


I have kept the digital hours and minutes seperate for ease.
Hours: $(#DHZ#-13)<1?(#DHZ#+10):(#DHZ#-13)$:
Minutes: $(#DmZ#-30)<0?(#DmZ#+30):(#DmZ#-30)$
These both solve the negative number issue but still don’t fix the issue of the hour number not going back when the minutes are changed to the 30-59 ranged.

This string doesn’t seem to work - the result is a blank.
What does the expression ‘floor’ do please? I can’t find a reference to it.
PS: I am working on a dual DIGITAL face not an analogue…


Did you replace “UTC_OFFSET” in the expression with a number representing the UTC offset you want?




(floor((((#DUm#+#DUs#/60)+4.5*60)+720)%60))  if the desired time zone is UTC+4.5

The expressions used in Facer ( including the Floor function ) can be found here:

I forgot all about this post ( thanks @AllenMiquel ) , it may help

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Hello! I’m trying to make a watch that shows my local and the Afghanistan hours, (my bf is deployed there) and with this formulas I have 2 problems, the hours, from the 0 minute, until the minute 29, are in the wrong hours, they are in the previous, for example, when it should say 12:15, it says 11:15… and the second problem is that even when I’m using #DumZ#, from the 0 min until the minute 9, it doesn’t do the 0 before it… would you guys be kind and help me? I’ll add the watch so you can se what I’m talking