Dynamic battery icon using tags

Hi there,

I’ve been designing a watch face where I want to include a custom battery icon that changes according to the battery charging status (#BS#) and battery level (#BLN) using conditionals with transparancy.

However, somehow the conditional always return true on the watch. It seems that it works correctly in the creator app. I’ve been using conditionals like:

$(#BS#==0&&#BLN#>=75&&#BLN#<90)?100:0$ -> full battery icon
$(#BS#==0&&#BLN#>=50&&#BLN#<75)?100:0$ -> 3/4 battery icon

When my battery level is 85%, the full battery icon is shown.

Is there any known bug reported for this? Or am I using the conditionals incorrectly?

The blocks of your code look good, but i’ve never had luck with using 3 booleans, seems to max at 2 for me.
What happens if you get rid of the parentheses?

A note about boolean operators in conditionals, it’s important to avoid putting parentheses around equality and boolean expressions

(from the facer creator document)

#BS# is not working in conditional statements, that is a bug.
Check below watch that changes the color of battery %. I can help in this regard.

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In editor #BS# is behaving correctly, having states “0” and “1”, but uploading into watch it changes into text like “Not Charging”, which cannot be used (due to the space) in conditional statements :frowning: I wanted to show some info on dimmed screen, but only in case battery is charging.
Devs, pls. fix that bug as well.

Agree, you can’t use #BS# at the moment. But, you generally don;t use the watch while its charging, so more on.

There are still multiple other issues. My current test bed, with inspection enabled …

Was this issue ever addressed? I’m guessing not, as I’m trying to use #BS# in a conditional which works fine in the emulator, but not on the watch. I know its not usual to use the watch when its charging, but its also not impossible…