Facer app always crash on my phone

app always crashes when click into a watchface

mi11 miui13 Android12

here’s the log

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It looks like you’re running a Custom Android Skin there, the Miui 13, so I’m guessing it’s not compatible with Facer sorry. I’m no expert though, this is just my guessing, maybe someone else could offer some ideas soon…
Oh, and you didn’t say what Watch you’re using :thinking:
Your Watch needs to be running Wear oS, Tizen, or be an Apple Watch

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It does look like the OS is custom but based on an earky fork of WearOs which is why it doesn’t fail out of the box, only on attempted use

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my watch is mi watch ,it runs wear os
what i’m saying is when i click into a watchface the app will always crash
but i did successfully synced some watchfaces,because these pages didn’t made app crash.


The 2020 is an older watch an may not work well with new faces, A restart might help but if not you may want to conact facer support

I’m now guessing that the Facer App you’ve downloaded comes from a Third Party, not from the Google Store? That would definitely affect how it works, especially if you’ve downloaded a modded version, trying to get Premium for free.

i downloaded from google play store。。。

please be respect ,stop guessing me like that.
i won’t download a cracked app just cuz i wan’t a watchface

Not what you’ve said on your other thread HERE :thinking: I’m definitely of the opinion that you’re trying to get Facer when it’s evidently not 100% compatible with your Watch…that’s all I’m saying.
Contact @Facer_Official

i guess why you guess me could use a cracked app is i talked adb at another post,right?
cuz wear os china version don’t have play store(but i has google framework ),and there’s no apk installer in wear os include china version
i can only extract watch app from official Android phone apk in /res/raw/android_wear_micro_apk.apk
and use Android debug bridge to install it on my watch

i’ve already sent a mail to the official team several hours ago
and the facer app run well at my another Android phone