Facer Creator 5.1.38 is now live! (Universal complication support!)

Hi all!

We’re very excited to be releasing Facer Creator 5.1.38 today! The main changes include:

Universal support for customizable complications

With Facer Creator 5.138, you can now add Customizable Complications elements to your watch face. These complications will be customizable by the watch face wearer and allow them to select what data they want to see. For the first time ever, these complications are not limited to WearOS and are now compatible with all Samsung smartwatches!

To read more about this feature on Samsung watches, visit: https://news.facer.io/introducing-customizable-complications-for-samsung-smartwatches-673fa31d65e4.

Support for #LAT# and #LNG# tags
This new version of Facer Creator also introduces support for the #LAT# and #LNG# tags which can be used to display the current GPS position of the user. With a bit of expression work, these can be leveraged to show the user’s position on a map, display different backgrounds based on their geographic location, etc. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with this!

~The Facer Team


Is this web based or the downloadable PC version ?


I’ve been using LAT and LNG in the old version


I find the there is not enough info on how to use creator… I tried it but found it very limiting.


Hi marc.cretten,
Welcome to Facer Community. See if the information in this discussion helps.


The version you show of is not downloadable…
Unpublished… Wanted to try this on my Samsung…

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Why didn’t watch faces down load?

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Throw it against the wall might help…

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These rarely show the correct data on my Galaxy Watch 4. For example, when I select the Samsung timer for a round custom complication, it just shows an hourglass icon (that flashes at inconsistent intervals). The complication displays no information about the timer progress. The same is when I try to display heart rate data from Samsung Health. All I get is a red heart icon that is a shortcut to the heart rate app (it also takes a few minutes for even that to show up—possibly until the heart rate next updates).

Is it Samsung’s fault, Facer’s fault, or Wear OS’ fault? I hope Facer is the problem because then the problem might get fixed.


Yep, doesn’t work on Watch 4 if connected to Samsung data. No health data, no heart data.



I would like to thank the developers for this update. I would like to request the addition of the following tags, which I hope you agree are increasingly relevant: UV index and air quality index.

Thank you

Does it cost if I have the t o facer plans