Heart Rate Monitor for Gear S3

Hi, I’m new to making watch faces with the Facer app and wanted to know if there was a way I can add a heart rate monitor to my design. I see some Facer watch faces with this option but I cannot figure out how to go about adding it to my watch face.

Any help would be appreciated.



I’m new at making watch faces myself so I’m sure that there are more ways than I know how to go about it. Basically just use the heart rate tag #ZHR#. For instance add a text element to your face and add the #ZHR# tag in the text field of the element. If you can’t see the text field you may have to click the the advanced panel button as described in the Getting Started documentation almost at the end of the page. If you know all about the advanced panel please don’t take offense. Just mentioning it in case you don’t. I’m sure some one much more skilled than I can do much more with the heart rate tag in other ways with images for instance but the main take away is that it all revolves around that tag.

Happy facing

@violent.p was correct, by adding that tag, #ZHR#, to a text field will give you the numeric value. If you want to learn about other ways of showing heart rate you can go here,

That tutorial is a about different types of battery displays but if you replace the battery tag, #BLN#, with the heart rate tag we talked about earlier you can display it in a similar way.
Let us know if you have anymore questions. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Make sure to come show it off.
edit Also I just saw this after making this post. Here’s a lot of information specifically on the heart rate hands.

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