Help for hpa Tag not working

Hi to all

I have a problem with hpa. I own a Galaxy watch 46 mm and all his own weather data (Altitude-Meteo.Pressure and so on) work perfectly. In Facer Creator when i do a face all tags do their work, less the hpa Tag.
I tried #ATM# or (round(#ATM#)) hPa, but there is nothing to do. I always have a value of 0 and there is no way to have the value updated to a real hpa value.
Someone has some suggestion about?
Thanks for a reply

Maybe this will help.

Hi andrei
Thx for your reply. I presume that the fault is of Facer, creator or app. As you say the watch altitude/barometer works at his best. By the way me too i have updated the apps of my phone/watch, Facer included, but the only value in a face is 0.
We have to hope that Facer’s stuff will correct the issue.
Thanks, have a nice evening