[Help] Hebrew Perpetual by Alain Silberstien (Request)

I would like someone to animate this very complex watchface. There are 7 leap years out fo 19 in the hebrew calendar whcih results in a second “adar”. there are no more than 30 days in the month and the calendar is lunar solar

Alain Silberstien sold this watch which was created by Svend Anderson . There are not too many pictures of the dial on the internet.

Here are some pictures of the dial

The back of the watch has the year dial . Currently year 5778

I can do it if you want.
Can you contact me via PM?

Edit.: I’m sorry, but I did some digging and I don’t think I can help you.
There are no functions directly embedded into Facer that allow you to get, or calculate easily Hebrew date based on the Gregorian one.
Also, Facer doesn’t have a lunar phase indicating mechanism in it right now, so that makes calculating the lunar months almost impossible,

Unless you yourself know a simple mathematic formula for calculating them, I don’t think creating a foul-prove face is possible.

I will see if there are some easy mathematical formulas and come back to you

I hope you find something because I couldn’t.

Here is one method in java


I’ve seen this when I was searching, but this will not work here.
Facer only uses those formulas:

Anything more complicated will not be possible with Facer.

All - we are in contact with Alain Silberstein and will let you know if he’s interested in deploying his designs on Facer :wink:

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@Facer_Official Does that mean that Facer will (or secretly already is) support Hebrew date system?


Not yet :wink: