[Help] How To Create A Watch Face

Click a face you want to make.

The staff are not going to hold your hand so you can craft a watch face. If you have a look you will find tutorials. so have a look around.

The community staff, not the facer staff… after many attempts NEVER got a reply on ANY matters from them
Good job @Facer_Official
Keep it up and you will see people moving away from creating watch faces for you for free :+1:

thats funny, I’ve had amazing support from Facers community people? Wonder why that is?

Check what I wrote @ patdude
The community staff (users) will… NOT official facer staff…
The community here is amazing and always helped me!

Guys… this thread got hostile for no reason. :weary:

@krishnarajeev2005, here are a bunch of resources to get you started. :rocket:

Start a new watch face in Facer Creator: http://facer.io/creator/

Read Facer Documentation: http://docs.facer.io/

Use Facer Tags: Tags | Facer Documentation

Read Facer Tutorials:


staff generally means employees. Im glad the community is helpfull too


So far ONLY the community was helpfully.
The comment was dedicated specifically to @Facer_Official

@patdude Not everyone on here is a native English speaker.

@313 You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


I get that…

@pacingpoet, if over 3 months sending emails and getting not even a single reply seems sweet… to me it doesn’t.
I have been unable to log into the community due to some connection issues and still not even a single line from anyone @facer

@313, I can’t account for your experience. I can only speak to mine. When I bring things to their attention, it’s usually because some kind of bug or policy negatively impacts some or all Facer users. The few times when something was broken for me, the guys at Facer have been pretty responsive. Can they always provide a fast resolution? No - but it’s unreasonable to expect that. They’re responsive if you’re respectful, and if you respect their internal priorities.

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You are correct @paciongpoet
3 months is not enough indeed
My apologises to all facer staff
Keep up the excellent job
Thumbs up

This is not lack of respect, is sarcasm

:shamrock: Good luck with that approach.

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I’ve clicked on the links and read the Wiki’s.
For tags, I assume that part has not been updated for a while?
I did a search on Compass, Altitude, Pressure etc. Which I’ve you can do on Facer, but no tags listed on the official page.
Is there a list somewhere being maintained that shows 100% of all tags as of August 2020.

This link here:

I can’t find one for compass, altitude, pressure as three examples.
So, what do I use if I want to display that information?
unless, as per my first post on this thread that link does not detail all tags Facer has.
I’m after a comprehensive, total list of options Facer has so I can work out what to use.

I’m sorry I didn’t help you. I think you will be waiting a long time for the link to the full documentation with the examples, perhaps even that you will not gather a single watch face during this wait.
There is an easier way not to wait that long. All you need to do is copy the tag from the link I gave you and enter it in the search box. The search is such a small magnifier on the top right.
With respect.

The link that you posted in your message seems to be to a page that may be out of date.

From the creator page if click on the “?” on the top right of the page a pull down menu will be displayed and includes a option “See the Documentation”. This will open a page with a number of resources, including a listing of current tags.

Here is the same direct link to the current list of tags:

Towards the bottom of the list you will see the following:

I hope that helps.

@mikeoday I already gave him that link. But you see, here’s the thing. @telinoz1975 wants comprehensive, full documentation with examples of use. Do you have that link?