Help - Time since X function

Hi all,
Off the back of a recent post I have a question - What’s the best way to program something to happen a certain period of time after X (where X is a different function). What I would like to do is have an image pop in one second AFTER someone taps the screen (but it could be anything - one second after any function). I know how to set things relative to the watch waking up, but I’m not sure how to set things in motion after a different event. Hope that makes sense! Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I remember seeing a post about using the #DNOW# tag. Check out this one from @Mellin and see if it helps:

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Ahah! Thanks heaps!!

Hm, sorry that i can’t help. I have no clue how to program a time delayed function based on #var# but would be very interested in a solution.

Maybe something with #dnow# and interpaccel?

All good! Yes that’s what I’m thinking too :slight_smile: watch this space


Here would be the “secret” formula with a delay:


This could be an example for transparency. Starting at zero 500 ms (value 500 in expression) after your condition and ends at hundred in the next 500 ms (1000 value).

(in general, please just watch if you are using #DWE# in seconds or #DNOW#-#VAR_1_T# in miliseconds)

(we just discussed this topic with @roycaruso) :wink:

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Yes indeed - @Tomas is a genius! Works very well :slight_smile: I’m starting to think my goal for the current face I’m working on is actually impossible to achieve, but this component that Tomas mentions works great! Is there a way to combine this with the normal VAR function? E.g. so it flicks between two different backgrounds when you tap VAR, but each switch is slightly delayed?

Tadaaaaa! The Formula-Master at work!


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…I’m not sure what exactly you mean, but everything is possible :wink:


Background 1 (Transparent or Not)


$(#VAR_1#%2)=1?(0+(interpAccel(#DNOW#-#VAR_1_T#,500,1800,0.8) * 100)):(100-(interpAccel(#DNOW#-#VAR_1_T#,500,1800,0.8) * 100))$

Background 2 (“Real” Background)

Transparency: 100

Done :wink:


That looks like what I’m after :slight_smile: I’ll have a go when I get home. Thank you so much @Tomas! The community really appreciates your efforts. I applaud you sir!