Help with a tag to spin a hand

help with a tag to spin a hand that should stop on today’s date. 1-2-3-4 … thanks in advance.

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The day in month tag is #Dd#. It returns a number in the range 1…31.

So assuming there is one rotation per 31 days, it follows that the rotation per day is
360/31=11.613 degrees

Rotation = (#Dd#*11.613)  

will result in day 1 at 11.613 degrees and day 31 at 360 degrees.

To adjust the start angle add an offset. eg

Rotation = (#Dd#*11.613+78.387)

Will have the hand rotate to 90 degrees on day 1

Now as for Spin?

Can you explain a little more about what you are after? Or is the above all you were looking for?

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Try #DMR#
That one is for 31 in 12 position. If you have a dial with 1 in the 12 position try (#DMR#-11.61)

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@ Mike, @ Carlos, thanks for the help, now I will try your suggestions, thanks and sorry for my english.

Be carefull with #DMR#, just found out in this post: Retrograde hands expressions?
that it’s rotation is based on the max number of days in a month on some watches (like Fossil), so the rotation will be off.

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