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Help with formula

A couple of set up things that will really help with watch face design - set up a template to get you started, and explore the snap settings. I don’t want to overload you before you’ve even had a chance to look at the software, but I would recommend you set up a template with an RGB/16 “color format”. It seems to default otherwise to 8 bit, which will cause banding in fine gradients. You can change the bit depth of an existing project from 8 bit to 16 bit in the properties, but why not start with 16 bit and work that way all through? My snapping (View > Snapping Manager) settings are below. You might want to tweak this to your taste, but setting snap up the way that worked for me has been the biggest time and frustration saver.

Assets and Styles are your friend. Keep everything that you think you might re-use. I’ll leave it there, and let you get settled in. :rofl:


Thanks for the settings. I noticed the presets (very apple oriented) and templates area. Haven’t even tried to make one yet. Your snap settings are welcome! That will be useful indeed and a big time savings

Much appreciated


Really digging the Affinity. Still so much to learn. Things that I had ways of doing in other apps still finding and figuring out. Love the assets and styles! Already downloaded other packs. The snap features are on point to, almost like autocad, better in some ways. Oh and the layers in layers, really like having all those controls per object/layer/layer if you know what I mean. I will for sure be using it more, a couple things might still be easier in PDN. I tend to have at least apps for everything and go back and forth depending on my scope.


Yeah, the app is definitely geared towards vector work, and even though it has a bitmap persona, its lacking in features there. I guess they don’t want to step on the toes of their photo software, which is also a bit lacking. I bought that on sale, but I’m not very impressed with it. I’m used to Photoshop, which I use in my day job, and Affinity Photo seems like a pretty poor substitute so far. Mind you, you’d get less than 3 months of Photoshop for the full, permanent price of Affinity Photo, so something has to give. :smiley:

I do love Affinity Designer for vector work though. There are a few things that you can’t do (at least easily) that surprise me sometimes, but for the most part, its pretty full featured.


Agreed but you find that alot with these types of packages. I often find myself with several software tools that I move between to accomplish my goals. It was definitely worth the price from what I have seen😎


Love these educational threads thanks guys :smiley: