Horizontal layout of all weekdays with highlight

I’m veeery new to Facer and I’ve been prowling Google and obviously Facer Documentation to find info on:

“how to make the string of weekdays which highlight the “today” day”

I would be fully satisfied with a horizontal position - nothing fancy - only first letters of weekdays - eg. all grey and this particular day is in different color or underlined…
Can you please tell me if there is any code or should I do it some other way. So far my attempts were pathetic :frowning:

There is such a solution, but you need to know how you want to arrange the days of the week. That is how you represent your design.

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The best for me would be the exact opposite of the above - my idea was a horizontal layout of all weekdays (M T W T…) :upside_down_face:

Ok. I’ll write in a few minutes.

Thank you thank you thank you…

Luckily you have a tag called #DOW#, which returns the current day of the week in numbered format from 0 to 6, Sunday to Saturday.

My way would be a separate text field for each day of the week.
Then I would duplicate that in another color (your highlight color) and make sure the colored ones are layered exactly on top.

Then for each colored one, check if the number is the same as today, and change the opacity:

(#DOW#=0?100:0) - Sunday
(#DOW#=1?100:0) - Monday
(#DOW#=2?100:0) - Tuesday

This means that the colored number for today will show, the others will not be colored.

@lucky.andrei will probably come up with something much cooler, but there are many ways to er, skin a cat. (Where the heck did that saying come from?)


Oh my - you are my savior :slight_smile: I will attempt to do exactly that. And as far as cats… for some things my 2 cats together with my dog did at home, they should be skinned alive :rofl:

No problem at all. And you have a pretty decent watch portfolio there BTW. Really nice work :slight_smile:

Leave the cats out of it - they’re in it with the penguins

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Hehehehe - I secretly believe that King Julian is their leader - for all the mess they do :slight_smile: And thanks for “decent” - learning Facer is sometimes very hard or tricky so in some cases I just give up.

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That is the best way for a woman - to show her :slight_smile: Thank you!

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nice one @lucky.andrei

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this was my solution for someone else a month ago: