How Do I Make An Analog Battery Dial?

I need to make a 360 degree analog battery dial.

I’m seeing conflicting codes. What’s the right code?

Use [TOMAJA Tutorial] Animated Battery Power Level Icon Indicator - Simple Basic Linear and Rotating Effects with Objects and Hand Dials
That helped me when I first started.

Good luck! If u need more help after that just let me know.

Does this look right?


@Dankees - This is what I use… not sure if there is a better function string to use, but this has been working for me just fine.


That works? Have an example?

@dankees yes @b5zywicki’s formula works (clockwise). Drop the lead negative sign for counterclockwise. Inspect my sample again:

@dankees Here you go - This is just one of my watch faces that I’ve used it on…

Do you know what code would start it facing south?

@Dankees Here’s as close as I could get it…


The issue I am having with these formulas is… for some reason as soon as it reaches down to the last % point, it jumps up to the 12:00 position!?
So basically, I could only get this to work properly for up to 99% drain.

Thank you. I will try that.

How can it be simulated?

BLN jumps to 12:00 (0 degrees) at 0% because the bottom value for BLN is (–) dash-dash. This is text, not a number so your formula fails at 0% and rotation defaults to zero (12:00).

As I said in another thread, you will never see BLN at zero% on your watch because the watch is dead so just ignore the zero value.


It started at the top.

I changed the first 360 to 180 to get it to point downward at 100%.

Does that seem right? It looks to be working, now.

What do you think?

@jmorga106 - Thank you for the explanation on this - it was driving me nuts.

@Dankees - To simulate, there is a slider bar that simulates a 24 hour period located at the bottom of the screen (see image) that will show you how the formulas that you plug in will perform as you slide the timeline from one end to the other. I hope that helps!

@Dankees - I’m sure you know this, but I just wanted to be clear regarding the image I provided above…
Ignore the watch battery % indicators that are on my chronograph example. Mine was set up to begin at the top. I was just demonstrating the formula for you to show you that the formula that I provided begins at the bottom of the dial as you requested. Good luck - Cheers!!!