How to calculate angle in degrees between two points?

Can anyone advise on how to calculate the angle between two points?
For example the angle between 160,0 and 160,160 would be 0 degrees.

My research into this has all found that the function acos() is required This page talks about atan2()

There is another way using Diamond Angles but there are various thoughts on whether it will work for us

Has anybody successfully calculated angles in the free version?



I’ve seen questions like this before: [PROBLEM] Simple Line Between Point A and Point B
Based on that I had a go as well a while back. Atan/acos/asin seem to work in designer but not on a watch (at least not on mine). I have used this post to get an approximate atan (it has the asin/acos as well): Inverse trigonometric functions
I can confirm the atan function works, in my test design I calculate the angle and the length of the line. The red line is using the built in atan in designer, the green/blue line is using the expresion from the post above (inspection enabled, open the iframe in a seperate tab to see it). It is linked to #BLE# so it goes from 100 to 0 in 24 hours:

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That’s great ThaMattie thanks for the help.

NP, I like a challenge, and math :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you show off what you’re doing with this :wink: