Ids there a way to pernanently save data?

So i have the step pet watchface hat ive been working on and i’d like to have evolutions or milestones you can hit when you reach a certain step goal- to do this i want to say give an evolution when you hit 10,000 steps- but only the first time you hit it- since youre step count resets every day- is there a way to save how many steps youve gotten overall? something like that?

normally what i would do if this were a programming issue is that id assign a cumulative step count to a variable and use that- but i dunno if i can even do that on facer

See #VAR# discussion: NEW tag #VAR# !?

Currently only available to Premium Designers.

Ah- damn, ok! thank you!!!

Hrmmm- i’ll keep working towards that then:D


Also- i havent been on these forums long- if i want o bounce ideas off of you guys- is it better to start a new thread, or to just edit this one? I dont want to spam either

I would start a new thread … under the appropriate category (although that can be edited).

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thank you :slight_smile:


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I would add it under the “request feature” category. The #Var tag doesn’t look like it would work for what you are asking. I’ve wondered the same thing about logging data over time. Would be interesting to create more of an app-like log or chart for activity over time. Examples: