Introducing new Facer engine for Android Wear - Planetary 2.0

Ooo, silky smooth.


Getting some weird results with some text. This is what I get with my GoTo Weather design.

Weirdly enough the vowels are missing in the “Weather” title.

Are Gyro functions working on the new engine update?

Its working on my Fossel Q Explorist, and can definitely see a different in the animations!
I have and iphone, when i try to add new faces from the iphone facer app, it will not sent it, i can see the Plaetary app is spinning, but the new face is not showing.

They’ll be working in the next beta, but the current one has gyro disabled. We’ll also look into the font bug!

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Is the random number generator also not working as intended?

That shouldn’t have changed - can you give me a link to a face where it’s not working?

Technically its working, just not as expected. Just released the following design. The digits for the date bar should cycle through random numbers for about three seconds, then lock on current date. Looks ok in creator preview. However, on the app (phone) and watch, the randomizer locks on a random number and does not cycle.

Will it ever be there a chance of having modulo operation in the face editor? If I may ask…