Is this working ok on your watches?

This uses some massive calculations to get it all moving (speed up the preview);

It is smooth on my watch but I’m worried it is too much for older watches.


Well that’s decidedly different, not to my liking but there’s definitely some great work gone into it, well done :clap: I haven’t synced it to test as I’m just on my browser now, but I have a newer Galaxy Watch anyway, not an older watch.

loaded it on my old ticwatch, no issues, looks good to me

My galaxy gear S3 has no problem with it either.
btw. how is the date indicated?

Works on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic… cool

@ [petruuccios]
I think the date is at 6 O 'Clock

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Thanks guys :smiley: . The date is indeed at the very bottom.

This makes me think Facer is really well coded. Imagine the constant calculations for the second hand disc it has to do. Calculate x and y in relation to the smooth minute hand position and then also rotate it with the smooth second hand value.

Only glitch I see sometimes is when returning from AOD - there can be a small jump to normal view.

Credit goes to @Mellin for this post which immediately solved the calculations I was looking for::

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Interesting and different! :+1: