Looking for Rolex style hands

I wrote “That is not to say it is ok to make your own copy”.
That means you can practice placement of hands, numbers, etc. using another artist’s design, but you shouldn’t use that copy to publish it as your own.

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I saw in facer there is plenty of faces with names/logos of real watches, so i did the same.
[/quote] There shouldn’t be according to the Terms of Service.

I always test my drafts on my watch before I publish just to make sure everything works. I don’t know if your account allows it, but if so, that is a way to use your design for yourself. However, I don’t know why anyone would want to wear a copy of a famous brand.

Ok. I understand. I?m premium, don’t know if i can use draft to test my design on my watch.
Sincerely i’m a beginner and i don’t know how to use draft, I think that as premium i could use it. :roll_eyes:

Yes, you can use the draft and upload it to your watch for testing or use. At the bottom right of the Facer Creator there is the “Save” button, the “View” button and the “Sync” button. Once you sync it to your watch it is saved in the watch’s “Watch Box” of available faces.

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Thx for your help, you are precious. I have read Facer creator documentation, but…i can say that is not exaustive. I’m trying to learn various aspects on my skin.

my original:-


my black and gold version:-