Montblanc Contest Week 1 Theme: Elegance

Show us your interpretation of Elegance: are minimalistic designs and neutral colors the key
elements, or is it all about the details?

Let us know by submitting your unique design here until Wednesday 4th of December, midnight.


When creating a watch face through the Mont Blanc Creator I am facing issues of not seeing my unfinished designs… When I try to save my watch for later, I click on the “save” button and I am instructed to name my unfinished watch and away it goes. I go to my Mont Blanc Creator home and it isn’t there anymore. Is this a bug or purposely set? Is it just me?

Thanks to all,

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Hi @WilliamS, sorry about this! This is a known issue that is fixed now. If you still see any similar issues, please email us at and we will help get it resolved asap.

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When I make a duplicate of an existing design, can’t rename it like you can in the regular Facer App. The box is missing to do that.

You can go on the publish icon, rename it there and go back to your draft.

What are the weekly categories (beyond Elegance) and their cut-off dates? I have a complex design to submit so Elegance may not be the right week for me. Or do we mark a design by category and send it in now?

Hello … I would like to know if in Banner, I can not include my name or my logo? Thank you.

I would not beacuse if your design is selected by Mont Blanc, they will modify it and no doubt add their logo and/or name.