Montblanc Contest Week 2 Theme: Travel

With its many features and integrated apps, the Montblanc Summit 2 is a perfect Travel companion.

Optimize it even more by creating a watch face centered on the needs of the modern business man
who is always on the move.

Submit your design from Thursday December 5th at 00:01am until Wednesday 11th midnight pacific time at the Montblanc Creator.


Oh that’s great. Since I could not find out the weekly themes ahead of time, I already submitted a design yesterday which would be perfect for the Travel category.

Mont Blanc - how about monitoring this topic and answering the questions posed - so you will receive the best and most appropriate entries! Cheers.


classic design,easy to read, map of Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand in the background.
Day, Date, Time, Battery %, Weather icon and temperature, steps, BPM and Compass. All you could ask for when you go searching for a new destination.

You must read the extensive rules, as I understood, you can not publish the models in competition until it ends, and it must not carry any logo or it will be disqualified

Hi thanks for the reply. I know that the rules said you can’t use the montblanc logo but didn’t see anything about other logos. The other was not so much about publishing it as reading it to make sure it all works. All good though and I appreciate your help. Thanks.

As I read the rules it said you can’t publish it anywhere ELSE (including the regular part of So it is a bit ambiguous as to publishing within the Mont Blanc area or not. I’d be safe and just hold off.

The rules are not all in one place. I believe there’s an FAQ in facer blog. I found it by accident

For avoidance of doubt, the related part about publishing can be found in §4 here

"By submitting a Design, the Entrant represents and warrants that:

  • The Creations have never been published in any manner whatsoever before the submission of the Designs in the Interface, notably on any website or application (including on Facer) and will not be published by any mean whatsoever during the Contest Period otherwise than by the submission of the Designs on the Interface by the Entrant".

What is strange is the usual “Share it” button is still appearing after your submission :thinking:


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What I don’t understand is why MontBlanc doesn’t give more information on a specific designed watch they want. Analog? Digital? Complications? Travel. It’s very vague.

It’s vague by design, interpretation of the word is a big part of the contest I’d imagine. All contest themes have been vague thus far.