New to the community so

So howdy everyone im new to the community and am very interested in creating and sharing designs but im running into a bit of a pickle… i’ve started making faces but im not quite sure on how to get the design to be exactly the way i want.

  • i would like to have the phone & watch battery go around the face of the watch similar to the asus zenwatch 3 charging screen like the picture below
    and i am capable of replicating it on photoshop just want to know the coding to get it to deplete accurately

  • also how to get the weather icons to be an image i created instead of the presets?

ive tried scouring through the subjects but im not quite sure ive found an explanation

also im quite computer savvy but not coding savvy so if anyone can explain or knows a site that does id appreciate it. :+1:

Hi there, here would be the tutorial for battery indicators in general. Here a circle indicator.

And this one is great for weather conditions ;).