Park hands coding?

Ah, I totally missed what you were pointing out. I thought you were referring to the parked position being 90deg off. Now I see what you are talking about.

Last night I began assembling the face I needed this for, and as I mentioned before, the application is actually for a moon phase not seconds hand. But I did discover as soon as I applied it that though park was directly at 90, moon phase partition was 90deg off, but fortunately I was able to easily adjust to get it right :slight_smile:

I didn’t apply my adjusted code to this seconds hand test, but I will just to see what happens. All I really care though is it’s working for my Moonphase !:grinning:

Hopefully I’ll be publishing this watch later today.

@ThaMattie look at the preview again

The red hand is the original code we settled in on yesterday, the green is your new one (doesn’t park), and the blue one is this:

$#VAR_3#==1?(90+(interpAccel((#DNOW#-#VAR_3_T#),0,1000,1) * (#DWFSS# -90))):(((#DWFSS# -90)+90)-(interpAccel((#DNOW#-#VAR_3_T#),0,1000,1) * ((#DWFSS# -90))))$

Which is what I did to the moonphase. Blue it is! All I did was put -90 to the end of each DWFSS. For the start position of the return sweep that leaves a -90 +90 so actually since that’s zero I just took them both out so what’s left is this:

$#VAR_3#==1?(90+(interpAccel((#DNOW#-#VAR_3_T#),0,1000,1) * (#DWFSS# -90))):((#DWFSS#)-(interpAccel((#DNOW#-#VAR_3_T#),0,1000,1) * ((#DWFSS# -90))))$

The green one seems to work in the preview, except I have it reversed (parked while the rest is moving, moving while the rest is parked)
Looking at your final result it’s almost the same as when I would swap the true and false part on the green one, so that makes sense.

you’re right, I see the green one just has parked reversed. in any event… it’s good to go!

here’s the finished watch with transition code applied to the mood shade wheels. Tap the tourbillon to activate.



I’d be careful wasting so much time on things that will probably be taken down.

oh good grief dude… what is your problem? I can assure you my time in creating my face was more rewarding and better spent than the time you’ve decided to put into being the Facer mall cop. If you read my post about this watch you’d see where I wrote my design is inspired by one of my all time favorite watches. I’ve also pointed out the entire series I’ve called “inspiration” is based on watches I love. In some cases the designs are blends of ideas taken from multiple watches, or just a single idea inspired by one element of a watch. (the fanned Geneva stripes I just made for instance is something I just saw on a watch that otherwise has nothing to do with the designs I may use it on. I just loved the texture so I wanted to try to make it) I’ve made a point to differentiate these “inspiration” series faces from the typical B Sharp faces because they are, as I state in the description of each, simply chances for me to explore some ideas that maybe I’ll develop later. Think of them as sketches. In fact, almost immediately and quite by chance, in the making of this watch I struck inspiration to build a spinoff which shares only the tourbillon (which was already my own design), and otherwise looks nothing like this one. That watch thus emerges from the sketches (Inspiration Series) to a uniquely named B Sharp design, “Pensativa”. …I can’t believe all this really needs to be explained to you.

Make no mistake though, each “Inspiration Series” face is indeed an original design. I am not making ANY replicas on Facer. In the case of this watch, the primary concept is the moon complication, which I wanted to see if I could recreate the movement on Facer, but additionally I love the depth and basic “mold”, there were enough things I wanted to try to do graphically that I decided to base my sketch on the basic layout. Admittedly it’s a more direct inspiration than any of the others but that’s just how I was feeling this one. How many watches are based on the ubiquitous panda layout? or Justdate? You going to give all those a hard time too? My version has many differences, and substantive original elements btw, do you have a good enough eye to spot them? Why do you feel compelled to give me a hard time about it?

I’m a jazz musician, one thing that is a big part of the history of our music is musicians making new compositions out of old songs. Some of the most iconic bebop tunes for instance were new melodies written over chord changes to existing tunes. The melody gives the tune its own clear identity, yet the original chord changes are easily recognizable. And guess what… that’s entirely OK! That’s very analogous to what I’ve done here.

Again I just love making faces and the challenge of creating realistic looking graphics and mechanical movements. Doing these “sketches” is one way for me to explore and get deeper inside some ideas I might use later. If you don’t like the face just ignore it. I assure you I won’t be posting any replicas/clones to Facer.

But there are TONS of those all over facer, with graphics cut from photos even and name brands intact or marginally disguised. If you are looking for an outlet for whatever it is that compels you to give me a hard time about this one.

My man, I was just letting you know that things have been taken down for much less. I had a face taken down because this dot looked like the BMW logo.

Well I hope you appealed and got it restored, because obviously that’s ridiculous. In any event, I’m confident in the originality of my design both in practical terms relating to Facer TOS, as well as in artistic/ethical terms in regards to the context it resides within the hierarchy of the B Sharp collection.