[RESOLVED] Countdown Format Error

My Christmas countdown on the Facer published preview is showing 51 days.
However what actually shows on my watch is: 0:51$.

(I had the same problem with Halloween.)
Is the problem with my watch or is there an error in the formula I used? How do I fix this?

Typo: Your expression is missing a #.


needs to be changed to


You might also want to change the font to match the all other text you have in Lobster.

I tried borrowing this calculation. However, when sent to the watch it does not work on DIM setting. Again an issue with using an expression on the DIM side. The preview looks great though which is a little deceiving.

Preview will show: 48
Actual on Huawei: 0:48$

Thought I discovered the error; missing parenthesis. But alas, the Dim side looks like this now:


Preview will show: 48
Actual on Huawei: 0

What is that “D” right after the first tag?

Thank you for the replies, but this topic is showing a [RESOLVED] tag. I have not confirmed that. Exactly which suggestion is the resolution?
@eradicator09 your Actual is what I’m getting on my watch. That’s the problem.
@Mellin I didn’t notice the extra D - must have been a character from my Notepad draft that I forgot to clear - perhaps as I was thinking that would show up as “Days”. I removed that and added the extra # that pacingpoet mentioned. I also hid the countdown in Dim Mode. I doubt that anybody needs it there. I’m still getting error, however.

What is the reason for changing the font?

IDK. I removed it, but I still can’t get what I’m wanting. It may be one of those things like the Date +/- 1 issues. I’ll try putting the expression in the transparency field instead and see if that works.

OMG, I just realized it was missing another parenthesis before the 365:


Looks like that fixed it. No parenthesis needed for the full expression.

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It works: [WatchFace] A Griswold Family Christmas by Tr0n09

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Good eyes. A throwback to programming in Scheme.

I should have checked the whole expression for her, but stopped at the obvious error. :smirk:


Thank you, thank you, thank you! :heart_eyes:

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