Rotating An Image For Specified Time

Couldn’t find anything about this on a Search, so I’m throwing it out to all you experts. Is there a way that I can make an image rotate for X amount of Seconds, at Y Speed, stop for X amount of seconds, and then rotate again (rinse and repeat) please? I have a pretty cool idea for a Face if I can do this :grin:

Alternatively, let it rotate all the time, but when not needed, hide it or remove it from the screen.

I need it to spin as I suggested sorry Andrei Sir



I need an object to revolve swiftly for about 6-8 seconds, then stop (not snap back to start position) for about 6-8 seconds, then do it all again, over and over

“Approximately” you can’t put it into a formula. I cannot remember how to fix the position and continue from that position. So wait for the next kind person

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Thank you for your assistance lucky.andrei, you’re always very helpful thank you :+1:

Take a look at this topic, perhaps there is something useful for your task
Thanks @ThaMattie and Phantasico aka @GAUSS

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