Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic do not support iOS

Well now, isn’t this an interesting twist? Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic do not support iOS

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Una pregunta…
como saber…si está trabajando, con este nuevo sistema ? Wear OS 3 platform

Good morning Mrantisocialguy
A question…how to know … if is working with this new system? Wear OS 3 platform

Me imagino que solo @Facer_Official podrá responder esa pregunta.

I would imagine that only @Facer_Official will be able to answer that question.

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Um, correct me if this sounds but dumb, but isn’t iOS for Apple?

Well at least everything below WearOS 3 was able to pair with an iPhone. And Samsung’s Tizen watches were able to pair with an iPhone, but Apple watches can’t be pared with anything other than an IOS phone. It seems “to me” that Samsung is trying to leverage some iPhone users into getting Samsung phones.


JD Este enlace puede responder a su pregunta sobre Facer y WearOS 3. [¿Funcionará Facer con Samsung Watch 4 (WearOS 3)?]( watch-4-wearos-3) Busque la respuesta de @kvansant.

J.D. This link might answer your question about Facer and WearOS 3. Will Facer work with Samsung Watch 4 (WearOS 3)? Look for the response by @kvansant.


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