Scrolling Text Across Watchface

thanks for your help that’s greatly appreciated! looks good!

You can check this watch out. Inspection ios turned on.

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How could I make the screen not remain empty, I mean that the letters come back, while they come out?


Make a second text that moves in when the first one moves out.

Only problem with that would be if you have variable text lenth (i.e. the weather text, where “Sunny” is obviously shorter then “Mostly Cloudy”). You would have to account for the graetest lenth to not overwrite the prior text. If you allways use the same length you would be fine.

Thanks! Used your formula for scrolling along the y axis in my “It’s Raining Watermelon” watch :slight_smile:

very nice. Instead of the dimmer dim side, you should have a bunch of bites taken out of the red part leaving more black.

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thanks! actually, I just used the expressions in your tutorial on creating an animated gif effect in my latest watch so I think I could try making a watermelon watch design with bites now :slight_smile: I’ll work on that version next… :watermelon:

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Hey all, I could use some help as well. I have the formula but can’t see to get mine to fit into the watch face. What I want to do is have scrolling numbers such as altitude gauge like the 6500 in the image below

using this… See next post as I can only post one image per post

When I load it into facer, it’s way to small and if I increase the size it’s all distorted. Am I going about this the wrong way or is there a way to load an image larger than the watch face?

The images used do not have to be within the 320 pixel range that facer uses. The creator may scale it down if it’s larger but you can resize it back to the normal size if needed. This should keep it from looking distorted. Also make sure to check the box to maintain proportions.

Can you share the scrolling weather text. I am unable to check the Inspection IOS, a bit late for that now. I using Wear OS. Hope you can help. Thank you.

Hi @eradicator09. How do I made the text go from right to left with this formula
(68+((((#DWE#/3)-(floor(#DWE#/3)))*120))) and to limit the loop to 3 times.
Appreciate your advice.

Starting with the easier question, the formula above is repeating based on the watch waking up. So it repeats indefinitely. If your want it to stop, you could add a function to the transparency section. Something like: $#DWE#>9?0:100$

For the reversing I think you could put a negative sign in front of the 120. Then you would just need to adjust your starting point (the 68).

Hi @eradicator09

Thank you for your response. The reverse works but the addition of $#DWE#>9?0:100$ to the opacity tag return a blank space for the scrolling text.