Sequence Opacity Conditional Issues

I ended up making one with less sequences and more still images.


Just so you all know, massimo.placida posted earlier in Italian, and this is the translation -
Sorry, but this expression will always cover all the others because from 6.01 to 23.59.59 it is always valid. Try $ # DK #> 06 && # DK <12? 100: 0 $ to give visibility to the element from 6 to noon. It’s just an example, with conditionals you do almost everything. && stands for And and || stands for Or


bradtc, you are a Genius with a big G!!

Thank you so much!
I was also struggling with sequence opacity. Your solution with moving sequence out of the way with X (or Y) coordinate is fantastic solution.


Thanks @masterboyhr, I appreciate the big G! :grin:

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