Sequential text messages fading in/out PLUS Random Number Generation

Hello - no need to change anything - everything else is on me. You provided so much effort already… Thank again for your magic!

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Hello russellcresser. No rush on this one but since I saw that you are the ‘pendulum expert’ I wanted to check with you on this one.

I used a formular from the forum and modified the numbers a little to suit my needs - but it jerks after a few rounds of going left/right - probably due to the wrong number combination.

Is there a quick formular to get the same slow speed and sweep area with smooth constant motion?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Please check the work I have done. I am not on my Laptop at the moment… I can not check your formula. The Previws often Lie to you so you mut get it on your watch to test. If I can get 12 smooth you should have one. You have to be carefull how you factor the timer or you will get jumps.

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Hello russellcresser - thanks so much for getting back to me - I was able to find a good match. Thanks for always writing readable code, that is flexible and portable - your code is always a pleasure to work with!

Thanks again…

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May I ask what this is actually for? How would it be implemented on an actual Watch Face?
Not the pendulum obviously, everything else here, random numbers and such like :thinking:

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So @timeasart . If you put a default smooth second hand on your test face you will see the is a jump exactly on the Minute.
This is because Dsm cycles to zero . So you have to get the timing right cross Zero it is always a pain .

See the formula I have use with the help of this Wonderful community has SIN and PI in it so it is symmetric .

I don know how you came up with this but it is a bit cumbersome .


So *1 is the speed *30 is the angle distance of the pendulum ( half the full swing ).


This one gives 1.5 second swing so I don’t understand why the speed factor is 1.3663 something to do with the relationship between SIN and PI . I got there by trial and error and a spreadsheet.


I can not Pretend to understand completely how it works . I have learnt to respect nice bits that just do and keep them safe somewhere .

Pleas check my Royal Wave it is inspectable .

Yeas my Friend @icrltd4 . This Topic has morphed a bit but since it is the author that is doing the Hijacking we will carry on for a bit . I have edited the Title because I can . If the topic keeps changing its Character the Title Will Become a Novel .
While @timeasart is Picking things up at this present Pace they will be running free very soon .

But what is it all actually for? That was my question :laughing:

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Oh, I see now :eyes:
It’s something to excite the Pants off Spongebob :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

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Hello @russellcresser - thanks for the detailed explanation on the rotation - and yes, sometimes it takes quite some fiddling to get things just right and a pinch of luck…!

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Hi @icrltd4 - well since we are talking about digital watches which run on software/code you can do many more things than with an analog watch - and it would be missing the possibilities of the medium not to explore and push these…

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