Show preview with specific watch model

Hi, I’ve seen people post previews of their watch face with a specific watch model pre-selected.
How does one go about doing that?

You can choose the watch model in the creator main window and in the preview window. When you publish The watch face you have another choice.

is this a “premium” feature? I can only change it when working on a face and it does not save that

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No, this is not a premium feature. When you klick on the publish icon you move to the publish window and will see a round and a square watch preview. Underneath there is a pull down menu icon “Select display watch”.

O, well, I want to try it for a draft, I don;t see it anywhere for those.

When you open a preview window from creator you will have several icons on the left side (Dim-mode, Time accelerator etc…). One of the buttons is the watch face selector.

yes i know that, but i want whatever i select to be shown when i post it on this forum, it does not “save” what i select

OK I’m going to attempt this again while I’m awake this time.

The above is the link to a watch face I’m working on and I have made sure the link ends with “?watchModel=gears3” which “should” show a Samsung Gear 3 Frontier as the watch. I tried it before but it didn’t work. (that’s the post that’s waiting to be deleted above)

UPDATE: And it didn’t work again. I know I’m doing the link correctly, but it won’t show the correct watch when I embed it in my webpage. The only way it seems to work is if the watch face has been published.

If you copy and paste the URL https:// www. facer .io /watchface/ATkwEbG8KK?watchModel=gears3 (without the spaces) into a browser it will show up as a Samsung watch.

ok, thanks, good to know I’m not crazy, nor blind

Got it working as an iframe!