[SOLVED] How to display name of next day and two days time?

Hi all,

I’m trying to display the name of the next day in the week and the name of the day after that. So today + 1 and today + 2. Either in long or short form (Monday/Mon)

Is this possible?


It is possible, just frustratingly complicated.

Hello @arbpotatoes, @eradicator09 is right that such coding could be very frustrated. Therefore I prepared expression (formulas) that makes it easier :wink:

Presenting the fresh new TOMAJA DESIGN Micro Tutorial for Next Plus Week Days:

S E C R E T . E X P R E S S I O N S :

Standard Week Day (Sunday (1) to Saturday (7)) (WHITE)


Week Day + 1 (RED)


Week Day + 2 (BLUE)


Yeah! Never more boring coding :wink:


Much easier than the +1/-1 for the day in the month.

Thanks for those expressions! Is there a way to convert the integer into day of week as a string?

Check this design out. I have enabled inspection. Look at the “Day 1 Date”, “Day 2 Date”, etc… This should have you covered.

What a complicated expression for such a simple task! Thank you very much, that appears to work perfectly!

I am very new to all this. I could not get your expression to work. but after playing around for a bit I made one work and it seems a bit simpler. If some could verify for me!


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