[SOLVED] Ticking hour hand

A rotating hour hand with ticking movements rather than a smooth rotation. Moving 6’ every 12 minutes should allow it to follow a 60 tick watch rotation. I tried creating this effect with code but have been unsuccessful thus far. I’m not sure if this would be a very popular code but I could really use it for my LED series.

Say this again now @syntaxracing… you want to rotate a hand image 6-degrees every 12 minutes? There are five 12-minute periods in an hour, so in one hour this hand would rotate 30 degrees? …but in steps?


What is wrong with using “(#DK#*30)” as the rotation for the hour hand? It does lack the animation to wiggle the hand a bit, but it ticks just fine in my opinion. Same thing would apply to the minute hand but like “(#Dm#*6.1)”. In my experience the second hand is a smooth motion but it could also tick by using “(#Ds#*6.1)”… Or am I missing something?

Yes @jmorga106, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Mellin and I were attempting to figure that out here

[SOLVED] Hour hand rotates 6' every 10 minutes?

But were unsuccessful. @sampadodegtasa the problem with the (#DK#*30) is that its not moving 6’ each 12 minutes. Its moving 30’ every 60 minutes. There is actually 2 tags for that already, #DWFK# and #DhoT# so we don’t need to *30 it. You can see what else we have tried and why it didn’t work in that other thread.
Here is the face that I need this code for and you should be able to see why I need this code.

Oh gotcha… Have you tried this then “((#DK#*30)+((floor(#Dm#/12)))*6)”… the first half does change the rotation every hour change, and the second half adds 6’ every 12 mins… Is this what you were looking for? I wish I could try it on the actual face but it doesnt have inspection enabled.

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Omg, you have solved the mystery! You’re a genius. Thank you soooo much!

hahaha really? Awesome glad it worked.

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